Secondhand Exchange

This second-hand store allows students to both view item they wish to buy and post items they wish to sell. Second-hand equipment can only be sold by students who have completed their relative degree (i.e. 3rd Year Bachelor of Oral Health Science and 5th Year Masters of Dentistry). Any of your equipment may be required for your use for the entire period of your degree. Should you not heed this advice and continue to sell your items prior to graduation, it will be your own responsibility and completed under your individual decision. BOHDS and the Department of Dentistry & Oral Health take no responsibility nor liability for the choices individual students make. Secondhand books and apparel can be sold by any year level.

Disclaimer for the buyer:

  • You are not to seek the opinion of any academic or laboratory staff member from Department of Dentistry & Oral Health, La Trobe University, Bendigo for any advice on pricing, or as to the quality of the item(s) you are purchasing. The Department holds NO responsibility and will offer no advice to the seller.
  • Bendigo Oral Health & Dentistry Society (BOHDS) is neither liable, nor responsible for the selling, condition of equipment and the buying of equipment and merely only offers a platform for students to exchange information.
  • The item(s) you are purchasing is a second hand instrument/equipment. This item(s) have been used by dentistry and/or oral health students previously.
  • You are responsible for determining whether the equipment/instrument is in correct working order and condition to meet the requirements of the practical aspect of your course.
  • Should you purchase the item and when you go to use it in the preclinical setting and the demonstrator deems the item to be insufficient/not useable, you will be asked to purchase another item to meet the preclinical simulation lab requirements.
  • You deal direct with the buyer and monetary exchange is done directly between you and the buyer.
  • It is recommended that you try to meet with the seller and view the products prior to purchasing.
  • In most cases, you will not receive a tax receipt of your purchase. You will not be able to claim this purchase on your tax return.
    It is advisable to ask the seller for a receipt of purchase.
  • You must agree to the above conditions prior to proceeding. By joining the BOHDS Second Hand Exchange & Forum, you acknowledge you have read and agree to the above conditions.