Articular Loan Scheme


The Articulator Loan Scheme is administered by The Bendigo Students Association and was established by the Bendigo Oral Health & Dentistry Society (BOHDS). The Loan Scheme is made available to students entering their 3rd year of the Bachelor of Health Sciences in Dentistry/ Master of Dentistry program at La Trobe University. BOHDS recognises the substantial burden of instrument purchase through the course and aims to reduce this by allowing selected students to loan the instrument for the duration of their course.
Applicants must:

  • Be enrolled as a second year student in the Bachelor of Health Sciences in Dentistry/ Master of Dentistry
  • Be a current BOHDS member and been a member since the first year of their course.
  • Have satisfactorily completed all subjects in their course to date of application.
Applicants must clearly demonstrate and provide details of:

  • How the loan scheme will help to alleviate individual financial difficulties in relation to their studies and subsequent clinical placement.
Two articulators will be loaned out to eligible Dentistry students. BOHDS reserves the right to vary, or not to make the award in a specific year; if there are insufficient applicants, or if applicants are deemed by the selection panel not to have demonstrated eligibility based on the selection criteria.
A levy of $140.00 will be incurred annually for the 3 year loan period. Additionally a $100.00 bond will be taken which will be returned to the recipient at the conclusion of the loan period and upon return of the instruments.

Further information regarding costs are outlined in the candidate application form package

Applications must be lodged on the Application Form, to the Bendigo Student Association at the Bendigo Campus by 5pm Monday 21st of September. Details on methods of submission (post, email) are outlined on the candidate application form package.

Stay tuned for 2018 application forms!