Other BOHDS Events

Lunch and Learn

Lunch a little, munch a little, learn a little! ‘Lunch and Learn’ is a method of getting students educated about dental companies, organisations and products whilst relating to the current course content. A few of these throughout the semester also creates an opportunity for the students to mingle over a bite!


Fortnightly academic sessions run by willing students in the older years for students in the younger years, as a way of helping them cope with the stresses of university, understand the course content that they might find difficult and have all of their questions answered! Stay tuned for details on the dates and topics covered at BOHDS Help sessions!

BOHDS Sports

An initiative that offers a wide range of sports for weekly competition for both amateurs as well as experienced players, as a way of maintaining balance between the social and academic aspects of student lives! Sports including Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee etc. are played!

DSV Cups

As the two main dental schools in the state of Victoria, La Trobe University and Melbourne University collaborate to unite the Dentistry and Oral Health students for an exciting day of friendly head-to-head sports competition in soccer, volleyball, basketball, netball and more. Delicious lunches and dinners are also organised to get to know each other better! With the best team taking the DSV cup trophy home at the end of the night!


As a student body, BOHDS understands that financial assistance can help students by a mile and help them make a difference in their own special way! This may be through a dental volunteering experience in an overseas community or for funding of dental equipment to maximise their potential!

Orientation Week – Market Day

The BOHDS committee sets up their very own marquee to warmly welcome the first years into their new university lifestyle! As a student body we understand that the first day of first year can be a daunting experience, but not to worry, come and say hello to the BOHDS committee, have all of your questions answered about your course and know what to expect in your new year! Sign up to our BOHDS club and enjoy discounts and entry into the closely knit society of dentistry and oral health students, working together to offer focused academic help, knowledge about oral health companies, weekly sporting competitions and annual social events!

BOHDS Pool Party

Taking advantage of the hot Australian summer days, BOHDS brings to its members an opportunity to cool off at the Brennan Park Swimming Pool and a window to make new friends! Join us for free for some afternoon pool games, sizzling barbecue fun, and a chance to get to know the new faces you’ve seen around!

Dentistry Graduation Dinner & Oral Health Graduation Dinner

Graduation dinners bring together the entire cohort “family” along with the lecturers and respectable demonstrators congratulate the graduating class of students over an evening of three-course dining and to reminisce over their journey at Latrobe University. Students also thank and pay respects to their lecturers for all the effort and dedication over the years.

Back-to-base Dentistry Dinner

A week of back-to-base dinners organised for fourth year dental students as they touch base in Bendigo together as a cohort after rotations. These are proudly supported by our Sponsors and they give the students an opportunity to gain knowledge on what to expect after becoming new graduates!

Dentistry Half-Way Dinner

As a student body, BOHDS understands that reaching half-way is a feat in itself! On this evening, students feel a sense of accomplishment as a milestone has been reached, and share this with their fellow peers and La Trobe staff who have helped them get this far.

BOHDS Weeks in Semester 1 and 2

A week of endless fun incorporating events to bring a balance between the social and academic life of students! A unique combination of activities is planned such as sports competitions on the oval, a night of go-karting and laser tag at the Zone, much-awaited themed pub crawls and academic seminars, with prizes for the winning teams and best dressed! Stay tuned on our Facebook page for more details on these in both Semesters 1 and 2!