The Committee

Executive Committee

Faiza Kazmi

Vice President
Madara Mapa

Ellen Tongg

Sara Qureshi

General committee

Sponsorship Officer
Vicky Le

Lunch & Learn Officer
Shannon Teh

IT Officer
Bhanu Shamdasani

Academics and Recreation Officer
Margaret Tran

Social Events Officer
Phillip Nguyen

Clinical Liaison Officer
Thomas Brookes

1st Year Dentistry Representative
Margaret Tran

1st Year BOH Co-representative
Carolin Moushi

1st Year BOH Co-representative
Molly Jones

2nd Year Dentistry Representative
Senote Keriakes

2nd Year BOH Representative
Stylianos Papadopoulos

3rd Year Dentistry Representative
Saba Khan

3rd Year BOH Representative
Cheraline Bell

4th Year Dentistry Representative
Megan Ha

5th Year Dentistry Co-representative
Daniel Maryanovsky